The Ballroom Blogs

My idea is simple enough. Link the best known ballrooms and rock venues in the world (along with a few obscure ones) and detail their history. List the gigs, the people that played and embed any YouTube clips that relate to the bands or the place at that time.

When I was 14, I got a job as a barman, in one of the busiest dancehalls/ballrooms in Scotland. More than 2,000 people would cram in theere, every Friday and Saturday night. The spirit bar, that I worked on (there was a beer bar, as well) had 13 barmen/women which shows just how big and busy it was.

It was 1971, so I missed the greats of pop and rock but I saw everyone the U.K. charts had to offer and the showbands that filled in when the stars weren’t available. It was noisy, sweaty, loud and violent but it was also GREAT FUN. Who cares then, if I’m just a bit obsessed with the idea that ballrooms and clubs were the way to see bands. I hate stadium gigs. I want to be able to see the sweat on the forehead of a lead singer without it being on a 60 foot screen. I want to be back having fun.

Maybe this is the closest I’ll ever get. Whatever my reasons, I hope you enjoy it and CONTRIBUTE!

If you were there, tell us about it!

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