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There are many that would say the Marquee Club in London was one of the most significant venues in the history of rock and pop music. One thing is certain, it played host to almost all the great bands that have ever walked onto a stage to entertain a crowd.

This is more than a history of the Marquee, it’s a place to share your memories and re-live those gigs. Anyone is free to post comments. Any images or information relating to the Ballroom, the bands that played there or Harold Pendleton would be much appreciated.

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April 1981

April 30, 1981 Comments off

April 01 – The Expressos. The review below is from “Sounds” dated April 18th.

April 02 – Rage

April 03 – Reluctant Stereotypes

April 04 – Johnny Marr’s 7th Sun. Support: Dirty Strangers

April 05 – The Meteors. Support: El Trains

April 06 – TV Smith & The Explorers

April 07 – Money. Support: Devotion

April 08 – White Heat

April 09 – Michael De Barres & His Chequered Past. The clip above is from Michael and Chequered Past but the line up is somewhat different to the band that played tonight. Clem Burke is on drums and Nigel Harrison on bass (both ex-Blondie) but the clip has Steve Jones (ex-Sex Pistols) on guitar and Tony Sales on keyboards instead of Andy Barnet (ex-Urchin) and Nick Sykes.

April 10 – Reluctant Stereotypes

April 11 – Pretty Things

April 12 – Modern English

April 13 – The Polecats

April 14 – The Polecats

April 15 – Livewire

April 16 – Angelwitch

April 17 – Angelwitch

April 18 – Ken Hensley & Shotgun. Ken left Uriah Heep last autumn after 10 years in the band. His new album, “Free Spirit” was released last month. Shotgun consists of Pete Thompson – drums (ex-Silverhead), Ian Gibbons – keyboards (ex-Kinks), Derek Marshall – guitar (ex Marshall Fury) and Denny Ball – bass. The review below is from “Sounds” dated May 9th.

April 19 – Ken Hensley & Shotgun

April 20 – Rose Tattoo. This was the band’s first trip to The Marquee (and London?). They came across to promote themselves both here and in Europe prior to a major tour later on. The clip above comes from German television at this time.

April 21 – Rose Tattoo

April 22 – Atomic Rooster

April 23 – The Belle Stars

April 24 – Reluctant Stereotypes. Support: The Americans

April 25 – Supercharge ’81

April 26 – Weapon

April 27 – The Lemons

April 28 – Dolly Mixture. Here they are with their single from later this year, “Been Teen”.

April 29 – White Heat

April 30 – Thompson Twins

March 1981

March 31, 1981 Comments off

March 01 – The Belle Stars

March 02 – Fatal Charm. Support: The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor. The review of Fatal Charm below is from “Sounds” dated March 14th.

March 03 – Praying Mantis. Here they are with “Children Of The Earth” from their first album, Time tells No Lies”, released this month.

March 04 – Nash The Slash. February saw the release of their cover of The Rolling Stones classic, “19th Nervous Breakdown”. Here’s a taster of it.

March 05 – Jools Holland & His Millionaires

March 06 – Thompson Twins

March 07 – Pearl Harbour

March 08 – The DB’s. Here they are with “Big Brown Eyes” recorded in session for Whistle Test while they were in London on this trip.

March 09 – Alex Harvey

March 10 – Eddie & The Hot Rods

March 11 – Eddie & The Hot Rods

March 12 – Lionheart

March 13 – Samson. Support: 720

March 14 – Atomic Rooster

March 15 – Long Tall Shorty

March 16 – Trust

March 17 – TV Smith & The Explorers

March 18 – Tenpole Tudor. Here they are with “Swords Of A Thousand Men” which hits the charts next month.

March 19 – Wilko Johnson

March 20 – Wilko Johnson

March 21 – Supercharge ’81

March 22 – Dolly Mixture

March 23 – The Freshies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any footage of this but here’s their chart entry from last month, “I’m In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk”.

March 24 – Cuban Heels + The Shaking Pyramids

March 25 – Lionheart

March 26 – Q-Tips. Here they are with a single from this year, “Stay The Way You Are”.

March 27 – Q-Tips

March 28 – Q-Tips

March 29 – Trust

March 30 – Wasted Youth. The review below is taken from “Sounds” dated April 25th.

March 31 – Wasted Youth

February 1981

February 28, 1981 1 comment

February 01 – The Mechanics. These Orange County rockers made it across the pond to play The Marquee, Here’s the only footage I could find of them from a Long Beach cable station two years ago.

February 02 – Taurus

February 03 – More. Support: Limelight

February 04 – The Gas

February 05 – Au-Pairs. Seen here with Come Again (from the film “Urgh! A Music War” which is out this year).

February 06 – Reluctant Stereotypes

February 07 – Pretty Things

February 08 – The Polecats

February 09 – Fatal Charm. Support: X-Effects

February 10 – More. Support: Bronz

February 11 – Weapon

February 12 – Lionheart. This band are supposed to be THE NWOBHM supergroup but seem to be dogged by problems. They recently ousted ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang singer Jesse Cox with John Farlam. Farlam flew in to London from his home in Switzerland for this show but the next day was sacked “for his lack of stage presence”.

February 13 – Budgie

February 14 – Atomic Rooster

February 15 – Any Trouble. Here they are from Swedish TV’s Måndagsbörsen on 2nd Feb. The interview is totally crazy but the track, “Girls Are Always Right” shows just how underrated Clive Gregson has always been.

February 16 – Fatal Charm. Support: Sinking Ships

February 17 – More. Support: Bastille

February 18 – Dedringer

February 19 – Theatre Of Hate

February 20 – Magna Carta

February 21 – Samson. Support: Money

February 22 – Spiff Radio Show (ex-Nina Hagen Band)

February 23 – Fatal Charm

February 24 – Sledgehammer. Support: The Lasers. The review of The Lasers below is taken from “Sounds” dated March 7th.

February 25 – The Moondogs. Support: TV-21

February 26 – Lionheart

February 27 – The Ruts DC. Here they are, live from Hurrah at the end of last year. The review below comes from “Sounds” dated March 7th.

February 28 – The Ruts DC

January 1981

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January 01 – Closed

January 02 – Sector 27 with Tom Robinson. Here are Tom Robinson, Jo Burt, Stevie B and Derek Quinton performing “Where Can We Go Tonight” from the album Sector 27 

January 03 – Pretty Things

January 04 – Lindisfarne

January 05 – Thompson Twins

January 06 – The Straps

January 07 – The Rockets

January 08 – The Lambrettas

January 09 – Eddie & The Hot Rods

January 10 – Lionheart. Formed last month by ex-Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton and Tygers Of Pan Tang vocalist, Jess Cox, the band run into problems with this, their first gig. Stratton felt that Cox’s vocal style did not complement the harmony work of the rest of the band and they parted company. Why this wasn’t resolved in rehearsals is anyone’s guess!

January 11 – Long Tall Shorty

January 12 – Tea Set

January 13 – The Name

January 14 – The 01 Band

January 15 – Martian Dance

January 16 – The Jackie Lynton Band

January 17 – Frankie Miller

January 18 – New Electric Warriors, London Final: Turbo + Race Against Time

January 19 – The Look

January 20 – More

January 21 – Modettes

January 22 – Budgie, heard here with “Reaper Of The Glory”

January 23 – Johnny Marr’s 7th Sun

January 24 – Closed – Private party

January 25 – The Polecats. Here they are with their first single, “John, I’m Only Dancing” which captures the band as they were at this time

January 26 – Angelwitch

January 27 – More

January 28 – The Psychedelic Furs, seen above with “Dumb Waiters”. Support: In Camera

January 29 – The Psychedelic Furs. Support: In Camera

January 30 – The Spizzles. Until the end of last year The Spizzles were known as Athletico Spizz 80. The review below is from “Sounds” dated February 14.

January 31 – The Spizzles